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Bruce Cooper Clarke Jr.

Bruce was a graduate of Syracuse University, the Sorbonne, American University and the National War College.

A radarman during World War II and the Korean War, he was commissioned a naval intelligence officer and joined the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) on leaving the Navy in 1953, and was the first director of the Office of Strategic Research at the CIA.

He represented the Defense Department at the Mutual and Balanced Force Reduction talks in Vienna, Austria; served briefly in the Department of Energy; and returned to the CIA to become the Deputy Director of Intelligence.

He received medals for distinguished service from the CIA and the Defense Department, and was awarded the rank of Meritorious Officer in the Senior Intelligence Service.

Upon retirement, Bruce began a second career as a Mozart scholar, writing and translating articles and books in the field of Mozart biography.

He was a founding member of the Mozart Society of America and is remembered for his love of music.

Iona Miller

Iona was a non-fiction writer for academic and popular press, a clinical hypnotherapist, multimedia artist and a brilliant mind.

Her work was an omni-sensory fusion of intelligence, science-art, new physics, symbolism, source mysticism, futuring and emergent paradigm shift, created a truly unique viewpoint.

She held an interest in extraordinary human potential and experience, and the effects of doctrines of religion, science, psychology and the arts.

Iona served on the Advisory Boards of Journal of Consciousness Exploration & Research; DNA Decipher Journal; and Scientific God Journal.

She also served on the Board of Directors of Medigrace, Inc. & Calm Birth; a Miami-based Integral Medicine institute; and the Editorial Board of CRAFT (Community Resilience through Action for Future Transitions).

Iona developed a concept for a life puzzle with Thomas Schoenberger in 2009, which would be digitized by software engineer, Ian Murdock.

Ian Murdock

Ian was the founder and creator of one of the world's most respected Linux distributions, Debian.

In 1994, he wrote the Debian Manifesto.

Debian paved the way for Linux-based operating systems gaining a reputation for being some of the most reliable available.

In 2006, he became the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) with the Free Standards Group, which eventually evolved into the Linux Foundation.

Known as "The Architect", Ian is certified as one of the most influential open-source software engineers of our time.

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